How often and when has a term been used ?

On a mailing list I am a member of, I just found mentioned this tool:

It is available for a couple of languages and shows at which time the term searched for has been used how often.

It seems to have gone through the blogging world a few years before, but I had never heard about it, and found it quite interesting. Good for linguists as well as sociocultural research indeed. I tried (having written my thesis about human dignity and international law) “dignity”, and found the result rather unexpected at first.

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Experiences with Google+

Google +, which had been expected as “Google Circles” or something similar already in March, may be the next successful Social Network. Thanks to an usually very helpful, well-informed mailinglist and a nice blogger, I am a member now.

Until now, I had been hesitant to have a public profile with Google (which you need for the service), but after realising you can control whether it will be shown in most search engines or not (including Google), and you can fine-tune which links will be shown to whom (be careful about the +1 in which connection, depending on how you want to “craft” your general profile on the net), I created one and was able to sign up for Google+.

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