Den Weg mit Herz gehen


Diese Nacht habe ich einen interessanten Film gesehen – das koreanische Original [auf Deutsch, man kann ihn übrigens auf Deutsch online finden, etwa auf, soweit das am Abrufort legal ist oder bei amazon erwerben] – : My Sassy Girl (kor. 엽기적인 그녀 bzw. 獵奇的인 그女; Yeopgijeogin geunyeo).

In den letzten Monaten habe ich mich beim Anschauen asiatischer Filme etwas zurückgehalten, da ich dachte, das täte ich besser in Asien; und bei japanischen Filmen war ich mir nicht immer sicher, inwieweit es gut sei, das jetzt zu aktualisieren.

“Gedichte für die Nacht”: Reading in Esslingen am Neckar

I will be 1 of 10 poets taking part in Rosen‘s Sommer-Salon in a reading organised by the Stadtbücherei [Municipal Library] Esslingen in cooperation with Rosen’s Lyrik-Salon. A singer-songwriter will perform a few songs in between the individual contributions.

The event will take place in the context of the Bouquinist Festival on Saturday, September 22nd at 22 h in the library, either in the courtyard or the caféteria, depending on the weather.

Entry will be free.

For more information also see here.


If I want to live. If I want

to be the Light,

if I want to give,

if I want to stop the fight,


I will have to be the stars,

I will have to seek

that, what truely is;

my light, shall it be not meek.



Grammatically, should the last line read “it shall be…”?

I wrote the poem when wondering what to do next.




On the Power of Ideas

I just have seen the second part of “Schutzengelngel auf Skiern” (Terror on Skis) from the series “Charlie’s Angels” (“Drei Engel für Charlie”).

There was a scene, in which, while evil took its course in the whiteness of the winter world, the people were celebrating on the hills, the lights looking like glow worms at night – a beautiful scene. And, yet, there was terror, not far distant.

That terror only could take place, because someone believed in an idea – and acted, as the construction of thought that possessed him seemed to bide.


Inspired by W. E. Hanley (and Leonard Nimoy)

After retweeting this tweet and reading the previous tweets ( by Leonard Nimoy from W. E. Hanley’s “Invictus”. I tried to let me inspire. It may not be my finest work, but still I feel I should put the verses, that came, here:

I love thee, dear – no fear to be
a truth at all, for once you are
what heaven wants, t h a t is what b e.
For thou art HIS, yes, all around.

A bit later I wrote:

I shall not fear,
but rise anew
to where my sun has gone.


Dear son of God


Dear son of God!


Do you not see  your greatness?

Do you not feel, bestowed upon you,

the Grace of God Himself?


There is NOTHING for you

if you do not choose

the LIGHT that has been yours

from generations,

and is, and will be

to eternity’s oneness.


Where are you seeking?

Be blessed, and KNOW:

Nothing is failing – go on, to the show!


Faith. Beginning of Love.



For Steve Jobs

For and to Steve Jobs

You were a Light for us all on the Earth,
showing us, how to give, and to live
one bright idea – in the name of your soul
bringing more knowledge to us.

Though you have parted, we know you too well,
know that you cannot return,
but that your way shall be bright like a star
and the fires of Love, they shall burn.

“Do, what you must !” That shall be the word
that guides the youth to success.
Do, what you must ! – and that does mean – with Love;
Do, what you came to do here.


Crystal Angel

When I saw this video, I wrote the following poem (in German, translation follows):


Engel aus Kristall,

leuchtest hell und klar und rein.

Kleiner Engel aus Kristall,

führst zur Wahrheit Du uns ein ?


Führst uns “nur” ins Liebeslicht,

doch die Liebe ist das Sein.

In dem Sein erkennst Du Dich,

ziehst zur Einheit dann Du ein.


(in English:


Angel made from purest crystal,

shining bright and clear,

little angel, made of crystal,

do you lead us truthful here ?