May you Break the Rule?

I have been recently telling to some students an old story, which I embellished a bit.

The content of that addition led to the question (which, then, if I reflect upon it, could be a call for me to consider whether I should rather not have added that part….), whether that was my permission to “break the rules”.

That depends, of course, on the nature of the rule or rules to which you are referring, and, possibly, on your aims or motives (which, at this stage, does not imply that the ends justify the means).

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An Island to be regained

Sometimes, even if one knows history and the application of law a bit, one can be astonished by the injustice of present-day courts even in a Western democracy of the EU. It has deprived an entire island population of their home (see e.g. this article). I would not have thought that such a lack of care, understanding and justice would have been possible.

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