This is my blog.


That would be, int. al., a channel (I discovered that rather recently, although I have been one for quite a long time) and poet, bringing beautiful esoteric and spiritual poetry (You see, I like what I do : ) ). For an overview over many other projects, you can have a look at http://www.jewel-of-light.org.

I also studied Law in Tübingen, Berlin and Freiburg, and, in a postgraduate course, Japanese Studies in Tübingen and Kyôto. After finishing my Ph.D. in Law, at the chair where I had worked as a research assistant before in the field of the Law of Nations, I then went to Japan as a Coordinator for International Relations in the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme. After that, I worked in Tôkyô and Yokohama and Fujisawa, Kanagawa, teaching German and English at language schools, culture centres and a high school, and in a very nice little juku, too, besides my writing, of course.

After a while back in Germany, living in the medieval city of Esslingen am Neckar, pursuing poetry and teaching, I made my way to Australia, where I lived in Southbank, Melbourne, and had found a beautiful place close to and overlooking gardens, city and mountains. So I could write (I leave the poem in here, though I have moved onwards to travelling, for I both like the place and the poem):

Beyond the park and the sea I live,

closer to heaven than earth, I may think;

and, yet, my Heart’s desire is love,

seeking the Silver Seas.

After some travelling and writing, and an interlude in Bayreuth, Richard Wagner’s city, and another one in Montevideo, crossing the Río de la Plata from time to time, I am on the road again, looking for new opportunities around the world. If you have any work or job to do, online or onsite, high or low level, please do let me know. Asia, South America or any other place which is nice or provides me with a good shelter would be welcome. You can find a brief résumé here. I am open to contract work, too. If you need a writer for your website, a poet for, a researcher or a channel, I could be the one to turn to. Please do tell me, if you should have a job for me, or a place to stay and write!

The Blog

Here, I would like to impart ideas and information which I feel to be potentially helpful or at least interesting, be it to me or to my readers. The information might range from internet subjects and daily life to books, poetry and more spiritual subjects. If you can read German, please also have a look into my German blog, as often I will also write articles in German, so that you can find many additional articles there, too. Occasionally, I may also publish articles at interplanetar.

Although this website has the form of a blog, I would like to encourage you to also browse through older posts, using e.g. the categories, subjects and tags. You may find quite a few posts that are of a general interest beyond the day on which they were written – e.g. the poetry, but also many articles. Select what speaks to you…

I hope you will like it.