Big Webmail Service Making You Lose Part of Your Copyrights

I recently wrote an article about a paragraph in the Microsoft Services Agreement which, as it seems to me, implies your copyrights are transferred to those receiving your messages or calls, which would not only concern Hotmail / Outlook and Windows online, but also Skype, as it seems to me. You can find the article in German here.

Connecting my Blogs

As you may know, I like beautiful names and domain names. This may also be one reason for having more than one blog. Yet, for my readers, it might be inconvenient having to follow all of them – so I wondered whether to either create a new one and post in various language there (I thought of, an idea that came to me while walking through Perth (speaking of names – one beautiful aspect of Waldorf schools, at least in Australia, is that many children have got very beautiful names). However, for now, it seemed I should keep my separate blogs for English (this one) and German (over here).

What the Internet also Reflects

While I have noticed that one really needs to be careful not to dive too deeply into the net for too long a time and longer periods of internet absence this year due to moving twice allowed me to read more (one really has to be careful to notice whether the information one really needs are better or more efficiently gathered from books or the net, unless it is a mixture, of course; ultimately, though, one ought to not forget that there may also be guidance “within” or from higher realms, and there is also the HEART, which should know… ) I found an interesting view expressed by Pippa Merivale (Metatronic Life) in her newsletter from September 19th: the internet depicted as a “material expression of the much deeper matrix of compassion: the universal synthesiser”.

On Finding and Choosing the right Autoresponder- and Newsletterservice

A. Preliminary Remarks

Recently I have been looking into autoresponder- and newsletter tools. There is a plethora of possibilities to experience and compare. I will try and give a short overview. My own research lasted for a week or so, and at some point I just more or less stopped and signed up with a service I liked. So my article is not exhausting.

Yet, maybe a brief introduction may be of service, both to me, if anyone ever asks me about it, and to my potential readers. Even if offers may change, I believe some principal considerations will still be of value even later in the future.

A few problems one might encounter when installing, reinstalling or moving a WordPress blog with plugins

I. Preliminary Remark

There are a couple of problems one can encounter when installing, reinstalling or moving a WordPress blog. I have documented some I have met here and in a follow-up article here in German.

But as I had drafted some aspects of the second article in English, too, I will publish them here also in English. The German articles are much more extensive, though, and I suggest rather reading them.

II. Problems and Solutions

1. Strange Signs, Strange Words, Strange Numbers at the end of my URLs

1. E.g. “#.”, followed by other signs

The solution lies in disabling the track address bar shares-function of AddThis, cf. here.

Moved to a New Web Hosting Provider

When about two months ago my hitherto web space provider (I was so lucky to have a reseller account for free) returned his server, I had to seek a new home for my websites.

After a long quest, inter alia using Hostjury and Webhostingtalk to find a good new one, I decided in favour of MadGenius [Disclosure: Affiliate-Link]. And, indeed, as I had read, they provide quite a good service, even enabled a certain option, the possibility to switch off statistics for my German websites, especially for me, and the support is friendly, polite and helpful.

So I decided to move my blog, too.

Malaysian Dictionaries and Grammars Online

It is incredible how many Malaysian dictionaries and grammars you can find online at Although they are rather older, I hope they can help (be careful with the spelling in the first one, though), as I have read the Malaysian language has not changed that much.

I will see whether this is true.

Deepak Chopra on Oprah’s Lifeclass

I have just watched Deepak Chopra and Oprah in Oprah’s Lifeclass on OWN. As someone not from the U. S., I became more aware of her work through this event (also see here) with Eckhart Tolle.

She does a good job. [Incidentally, by the way, she also addresses the relationship between religion and spirituality I discussed in my previous post. Her stance of distinguishim them may be understandable especially in a country like America, where there are some quite fundamental people who might otherwise object to some of the important insights.]

Deepak Chopra gives some valuable advice during the broadcast – have a look!

Einrichtung, Optimierung und Umzug eines WordPress-Blogs

A. Preliminary Remark in English (Für Deutsch bitte nach unten scrollen!)

This article is in German, about moving from to a You might also profit from merely following the links, or using Google Language Tools.

B. Einrichtung, Optimierung und Umzug (m)eines WordPress-Blogs von zu Webspace


Vor kürzerem stellte ich fest, daß unter meinen Artikeln auf, wo ich mein Blog gehostet hatte, Werbung geschaltet wurde. Ich hatte es zuvor nicht bemerkt, vielleicht, weil das zuvor nicht der Fall war, vielleicht, weil man die Werbung im eingeloggten Zustand nicht gezeigt bekommt.