Connecting my Blogs

As you may know, I like beautiful names and domain names. This may also be one reason for having more than one blog. Yet, for my readers, it might be inconvenient having to follow all of them – so I wondered whether to either create a new one and post in various language there (I thought of, an idea that came to me while walking through Perth (speaking of names – one beautiful aspect of Waldorf schools, at least in Australia, is that many children have got very beautiful names). However, for now, it seemed I should keep my separate blogs for English (this one) and German (over here).

Experiences with the IELTS-Test and its Preparation

A. Introduction

Some time ago, I wrote about my experiences with the TOEFL. Today, I can write about my experience with the (academic) IELTS-Test, which I took about three weeks ago.

After a brief introduction, I will give some hints for preparation and point to a few aspects of the test, which should be improved. I would like to encourage everyone who had or will have to take the test to write to those responsible for this.

Malaysian Dictionaries and Grammars Online

It is incredible how many Malaysian dictionaries and grammars you can find online at Although they are rather older, I hope they can help (be careful with the spelling in the first one, though), as I have read the Malaysian language has not changed that much.

I will see whether this is true.

On Right Writing

Eckhart Tolle gives some valuable advice for writers on how to tell a biographical story and still have the dimension of consciousness accessible in his first Google+ – Hangout here (in the second half of the hangout) in a reply to Wafa Lababneh.

(The hangout also contains advice on the education of young children and as to Love [also see here].)

Let’s found our own universities

Ich las gerade, und ich dachte: “Let’s fund our own universities. Let’s build our own society. And when the old one is gone, ours shall stand.”

[Hintergrund – ehm… I am aware of the language-mix… –: I like studies like that, libraries… haven’t done so for quite a while.

If the universities still governed by so called “rational” people with a limited perceptiveness for what truly IS cannot give us what we need, why not found our own? It has already started, in the U.S., in Australia, too (thinking about the Endeavour College of Natural Health). In the end, it is in our hands, and if we just live as we ought to, we will have the new society while the old one vanishes. Thus, the transition should work fine.

The previous paragraph may come from the personality or ego, but the first one should stand.]

How often and when has a term been used ?

On a mailing list I am a member of, I just found mentioned this tool:

It is available for a couple of languages and shows at which time the term searched for has been used how often.

It seems to have gone through the blogging world a few years before, but I had never heard about it, and found it quite interesting. Good for linguists as well as sociocultural research indeed. I tried (having written my thesis about human dignity and international law) “dignity”, and found the result rather unexpected at first.

Learning through Joy

I just heard the new talk (July 2011) of Eckhart Tolle, with Marianne Williamson as a guest, author of, int. al, the book “A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of  ‘A Course in Miracles‘”.

Quoting or referring to the Course in Miracles, she mentioned something, which actually, I noticed, I seem never, for my own “spiritual” life, to have considered: It is up to us, whether we learn through joy or through pain. While as a language teacher, I have always maintained that joy in learning was important, it seems that, as to the spiritual path, I had lost awareness, that we do not need to learn through pain, but that we can also learn through joy.

Experiences with the TOEFL

About two weeks ago, I participated in the TOEFL-test.

I felt, I could share a few impressions:

Before the Test

Before the test, once you have signed up, there is normally a sort of “training unit” you can go through to prepare the test. Unfortunately, it is Windows only – not for MAC.