True Solutions, Invented Problems and Language Fascism

If you are interested in how gender ideology tries to influence the German language and in my perspective on that, have a look at my respective article in German here. If you do not read German, I could imagine you might understand it with the help of e.g. The craziness continues on an even higher level here, but you will only understand the latter article if you know about German grammar.

Big Webmail Service Making You Lose Part of Your Copyrights

I recently wrote an article about a paragraph in the Microsoft Services Agreement which, as it seems to me, implies your copyrights are transferred to those receiving your messages or calls, which would not only concern Hotmail / Outlook and Windows online, but also Skype, as it seems to me. You can find the article in German here.

Connecting my Blogs

As you may know, I like beautiful names and domain names. This may also be one reason for having more than one blog. Yet, for my readers, it might be inconvenient having to follow all of them – so I wondered whether to either create a new one and post in various language there (I thought of, an idea that came to me while walking through Perth (speaking of names – one beautiful aspect of Waldorf schools, at least in Australia, is that many children have got very beautiful names). However, for now, it seemed I should keep my separate blogs for English (this one) and German (over here).

On Right Writing

Eckhart Tolle gives some valuable advice for writers on how to tell a biographical story and still have the dimension of consciousness accessible in his first Google+ – Hangout here (in the second half of the hangout) in a reply to Wafa Lababneh.

(The hangout also contains advice on the education of young children and as to Love [also see here].)

How often and when has a term been used ?

On a mailing list I am a member of, I just found mentioned this tool:

It is available for a couple of languages and shows at which time the term searched for has been used how often.

It seems to have gone through the blogging world a few years before, but I had never heard about it, and found it quite interesting. Good for linguists as well as sociocultural research indeed. I tried (having written my thesis about human dignity and international law) “dignity”, and found the result rather unexpected at first.

Problems with Exposés

I just read this interview, where an author describes how, after an example of his writing, the publisher asked for an exposé. Especially when being a channel, the book is not the channel’s work – but the exposé may be. If, then, a publisher judges whether to publish the book without reading the entire book, but just the exposé, he will not really judge the right writer…

As many artists may channel to a certain extent (just a guess), but the exposé as a “condensation” of the novel may be written with their (own) “head” (mind), this might constitute a potential for misjudgement.

Procrastination and Remedies

In fact, I wanted to start blogging a few weeks earlier. But  I was looking for an appartement, then, and could not dedicate the time, it seemed.

Now, that, I have one (more or less, that is, still on the move within the building at the least), I, again, had to do so much again to create a new future for me (uhm… preferably in Australia – anyone having a job for me there ?), that I needed to give my attention to that. Now, having a free minute, I read in the advice for beginning Blogging a few good ideas how to start.