Interesting Job: Romanticiser

Did you know the job of a romanticiser? His task, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung (China, wie es tanzt und lacht, 13. März 2013, Reise, V3), to make real the wishes, needs and preferences of the guests, whether those express them or not.

You can get your personal romanticiser if you book one of the villas of the Ritz-Carlton at Yalong Bay, Hainan, China, it seems.

I have been wondering whether to make that a part of my series on nice jobs, and I guess I could, in a way, but from a spiritual perspective I am wondering whether I should. For the FAS describes the romanticizer as a “professional expert of projection” – and our aim is REALITY, is it not?

So if the guest’s wish is beauty, the job should be quite nice, for is not “beauty the highest good”, as the Avesta, I think, says? But if those wishes, needs or preferences diverge from the sacred path (if they can…)…

I am not sure I would like to cater to all the wishes guests there may have. However, it is quite an interesting, almost tempting job for those who do not care so much for truth…

If you should ever have the position of an expert in Beauty and Spiritual Direction, a Beautifier or a Spiritualiser or at least Esotericiser to be filled, please do let me know...

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