It seems that I should publish this poem:

I live by the Grace of God;
and Him alone
I do defend.

The Silence deeply in my heart,
there is no knee I have to bend,
there are no bows which I should make,

For I am Him.
The hour late
and yet unborn my Stillness lies.

But, once there shall be Paradise,

and I shall be its highest price,
and God, and I
we see – then, thrice,
the Love through our eyes evade
to humankind.
To Love. The shade

in which it flourishes. The Sun
through which it grows.
And once it's done,
together other worlds we form
and stand, all one, beyond each form,

united, free, and ever-One
till our Sun
in us has shone

and our eyes themselves do see:
Just one in one, You, Him, and Me.

A few remarks:

I sing with you, I sing in all Creation: a song for the New Year

The following text came to me this morning to the melody of “O Holy Night”  (I have included a few remarks and fragments, as I did not write all verses down in their entirety, but still wanted to post as much as possible of it.):

I sing with you, I sing in all Creation.
I sing with you. I sing in all the Light.
Love is my Heart, and Love is that what shines;
within and without, I sing for you, my heart.
I sing for you, and all within.

Be still, my Soul, and Wonder

Be still, my soul and wonder
only about God.
What else there is to ponder?
There is no life, but God.

There is no Love, but in the One.
There is no Peace, but that one Sun
that shines in all, in everyone
and, thus, that is eternally.


(Normally, I might not have published the poem currently, especially as I am not entijrely sure as to the ending(*). The contents is fine, but perhaps it could have come out more artfully? But I wanted the final post for this year to be a positive one, so here it is.)

New Posts in my German Blog

As I said I would “interlink” my two “main” blogs, here is a short overview over the articles in my German blog written this year:

There has been one poem, which you hopefully enjoy. (Of course, I have written many more, but mostly not published at the time of writing this) – although there are a few further verses in my Twitter account in case you have access.

If you are interested in learning a foreign language, you may (or may not, depending on your opinion or perspective in the respective matter and your flexibility) find my article about whether one should use another language than the one taught in language classes interesting.

Boundless Joy

Boundless Joy.
On the Ocean of Bliss
my Heart rides out to you, Lord.

You are my comfort, my truth, and my Being.
Within you, surrounded by you
we are One.

The Ocean is endless. The Light is within,
there is naught but Truth,
and the Sky is the rim
of limitless Freedom;
for thus, I am Here:

To be Light, to be Love,
and thus, to be Free.

Recent Posts on my German Blog (Power, Structures, Walking Your Path)

With only a few more days of the year in which I have written this left, and in the light of the assumption that there is a possibility that I might neither post here nor on my German blog for quite a while, and as I had written a while ago that I would point out articles in one language in the other, I would simply like to quickly name those recent articles on my German blog to which I have not linked here yet.

These are:

Hope despite all insanity

If we look through history, wondering whether the insanity of the ego1 we find expressed in wars and cruelties around the globe has receded over time, we may find that, despite all progress that has been made, it has killed more people than ever before during the 20th century, and one might not wish to say at all, that e. g. 2020 and the first part of 2021 has not been quite crazy, be it in the U.S., be it in the whole world. 

Stream of Love

Stream of Love. 
Highest of the Morning.
Stream of Love. Thy Heart, it is true.

Stream of Love. Endless Ocean,
beyond all senses,
endless, and hue

of the sunlight. The Light of the stars
shines beyond that what seems;

shines in the ground, and shines in the heavens
shines in that what you are.
Shines – thy God,

endless, and free
eternally thee.

By the way: Here is also an poem for Easter in German, and here is another poem written a short while ago for Interplanetar. 
And now, there is also a third one inspired by the title of this one here.