Let’s found our own universities

Ich las gerade http://www.dominic-deegan.com/view.php?date=2008-05-11, und ich dachte: “Let’s fund our own universities. Let’s build our own society. And when the old one is gone, ours shall stand.”

[Hintergrund – ehm… I am aware of the language-mix… –: I like studies like that, libraries… haven’t done so for quite a while.

If the universities still governed by so called “rational” people with a limited perceptiveness for what truly IS cannot give us what we need, why not found our own? It has already started, in the U.S., in Australia, too (thinking about the Endeavour College of Natural Health). In the end, it is in our hands, and if we just live as we ought to, we will have the new society while the old one vanishes. Thus, the transition should work fine.

The previous paragraph may come from the personality or ego, but the first one should stand.]

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