On the Power of Ideas

I just have seen the second part of “Schutzengelngel auf Skiern” (Terror on Skis) from the series “Charlie’s Angels” (“Drei Engel für Charlie”).

There was a scene, in which, while evil took its course in the whiteness of the winter world, the people were celebrating on the hills, the lights looking like glow worms at night – a beautiful scene. And, yet, there was terror, not far distant.

That terror only could take place, because someone believed in an idea – and acted, as the construction of thought that possessed him seemed to bide.

The world would be a beautiful place, if we would not act on our ideas, but let life create through us unobstructedly. Any fighting is between ideas, any wrong is done, because someone believes in or fears something. Fear itself may be an emotion.

But, as is the separation of the world in good and bad, based on an idea: the idea, that one is separate – for only in separateness, or from the idea of separateness – the idea, that something is or might be lost, can fear arise.

That separateness is the “cause of all our woe“.

Therefore, in the world the power of thought, the power to disseminate, to impart ideas, is truly great – and maybe there could lie a task for those, whose gifts are the words (also cf. here). But, yet, the higher power lies in the REALISATION, that separateness does not, will not, and did never exist, but as a thought, the veil of Maya.

Let us all SEE.


is nothing

but what IS.


be HIS

and blessed

by the Force

that transcends

the idea of duality

in you, in me, in everyone.


It is done.


Remark: I am not sure I should have included the poem in this post.

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