Writing for Fun

This post simply grew from a wish to write, after having read a traveller’s site.  It was rather a personal wish than an impulse as will often make me write that caused me to write it directly into the blog.

I know, that I should write;

yet, how should I know

if ever

I reach those, who wish

to read my words?


There is an ocean, and beyond its shore

love waits. But who amongst you can tell me

from whose grace, or from whose heart it does spring?


I know I shall wait. And, patiently, until the time has come

to leave the guardian

and be the friend

I was.

To you, whom I do not yet know

I bring my greetings. To you, I do know

I say: “Well – good bye”.


The Heart is at Love always;

but the One is within and without;

and thus, truest in BEING

the One comes, remains – as it shall BE.

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