Hello World !

Hi ! This is my first post to my new blog. While I have played around with blogs for a while, using them for announcing events (as, at the time of writing this here) and for helping my students, and using Twitter (and trying FriendFeed and Jaiku – and, I guess, after all these links you already know a little about me), a few weeks ago, I decided to go more serious with blogging. I like WordPress, but am still trying out options (it was difficult for me to install Movable Type or Melody on my own web space, alas). So there is a possibility, this blog may change its place, contents or form. But to not worry: At my homepage, you will surely find a way to my blog again – just take a note, and go there, if you should suddenly miss me or my blog.

Well… to enable you to miss it, I will actually have to start writing a bit more…

Watch out for my next post : )

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