The Question of Good and Evil – Do not have a concept

I have just listened to a very interesting statement by Patricia Cota Robles, while viewing the webcast of the opening ceremony of the 25th annual World Congress on Illumination [at the time of writing this, the webcast is still available here]: God said not to partake of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil, “because as long as we have no consciousness of poverty in our lives, we won’t manifest lack and limitation in the physical plane. As long as we have no concept of disease, or war, or hatred, or prejudice, we won’t be acting out from those belief-systems, and those thoughts, and feelings.”

Before, she had pointed out, that when we believe that God has the duality is good and evil, it is “the most counter-productive belief-system we can have”, because if we believe, that God created everything, including pain and suffering, then there would be some reason for this, and it would be God’s Will. As long as we believe in that duality,  we cannot experience the one without the other, abundance without poverty, health without disease, peace without war etc.

According to her, everything what comes from God is not less than infinite perfection. Everything that conflicts with that, causing pain and suffering, involving, pain, suffering is a result of our human miscreations. We have used our life-force, and “chosen through our free will to use our thoughts and feelings to create patterns that have reflected back as poverty concsiousness, as pain and suffering, and things, that we are experiencing”.

[Nevertheless, though, she sees a duality of God, a balance of the polarity of our Father and Mother God, outbreath, radiation and expansion of our Father God’s divine Power, and the inbreath, the cohesive silence, the going-within of our divine love-nature, our feminine polarity of God, our Mother God’s, seeing them as two aspects of our Father-Mother God.]

Already since Grammar School I have been thinking about the problem, and actually touched the problem in my doctorate thesis.

I would love to have a look into Yogananda’s The Second Coming of Christ, in this context, but did not have it at hand when writing this.

Master Goi once said, I think, something like (would have to search for the exact wording) that when someone sees darkness or something “bad”, it is due to the imperfection of his standpoint / view. Maybe one could say, he does not get the entire picture – this would remind of statements by Sandy Stevenson (if interested, her website is here).

[Unless I have used quotation marks, I have told what I have heard, in part, in my own words and might, also to contents, not have put it exactly as being said – but I hope to have shown the important points.]

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