Learning through Joy

I just heard the new talk (July 2011) of Eckhart Tolle, with Marianne Williamson as a guest, author of, int. al, the book “A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of  ‘A Course in Miracles‘”.

Quoting or referring to the Course in Miracles, she mentioned something, which actually, I noticed, I seem never, for my own “spiritual” life, to have considered: It is up to us, whether we learn through joy or through pain. While as a language teacher, I have always maintained that joy in learning was important, it seems that, as to the spiritual path, I had lost awareness, that we do not need to learn through pain, but that we can also learn through joy.

I hope that from now on my life will rather take that course, then the opposite – or, maybe better still, that of Peace. But, then, the Source should have been reached.

If anyone of my readers has an example of learning life lesson’s by joy, please post int he comments, if adequate. Thank you in advance !

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