For Steve Jobs

For and to Steve Jobs

You were a Light for us all on the Earth,
showing us, how to give, and to live
one bright idea – in the name of your soul
bringing more knowledge to us.

Though you have parted, we know you too well,
know that you cannot return,
but that your way shall be bright like a star
and the fires of Love, they shall burn.

“Do, what you must !” That shall be the word
that guides the youth to success.
Do, what you must ! – and that does mean – with Love;
Do, what you came to do here.

October 6th, after reading this article.

I would also like the opportunity to draw attention once more to this (for iTunes-Link click here) great speech which Steve Jobs held at Stanford.

All students at High School should hear it.

May Steve Jobs’ Soul find Enlightenment !
Love, Light and Peace !

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