Truth, Attraction and Conspiracy

I have written two new articles for my German blog.

One offers a brief overview over factors influencing the perception of truth, particularly on the basis of suggestions, energetic and psycho-energetic fields and links and Jungian archetypes and their influence on what one thinks or believes, be it consciously or subconsciously. (Interestingly, the term “Glaubenssätze”, which I have used there in German, seems to be astonishingly difficult to translate, see this discussion, if you are interested.) You can read it here, and if you do not understand German, maybe Deepl can help.

The other article has a look at the deeper meaning or function of conspiracy theories and tries to establish that, whether you may adhere to them or object to them or even just might consider them “ridiculous” – or, perhaps a bit wiser [and if you doubt that, you might definitely want to read the article], decide according to each case -, it would be unwise to ignore them. It is recommended, instead, to look for where they come from and how that can help to create a better world. You can find it here; sentences may be worded a bit complex, and I am not entirely sure whether a translation tool will always really give you the meaning (though they may, I have not checked), but you can always try.

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