True Solutions, Invented Problems and Language Fascism

If you are interested in how gender ideology tries to influence the German language and in my perspective on that, have a look at my respective article in German here. If you do not read German, I could imagine you might understand it with the help of e.g. The craziness continues on an even higher level here, but you will only understand the latter article if you know about German grammar.

The article also contains the explanation of why there were no new articles here for a while. In short: After the GDPR came into final effect, I was not too much looking forward to having to rewrite or ammend my privacy policy and to sort out how to make my websites and blogs compatible. In the end, with many of my sites, including this blog, I figured this out. That was last year in summer, and since then I had not been particularly inspired to write a new article.

But now, here is one :-)  

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