Recent Posts on my German Blog (Power, Structures, Walking Your Path)

With only a few more days of the year in which I have written this left, and in the light of the assumption that there is a possibility that I might neither post here nor on my German blog for quite a while, and as I had written a while ago that I would point out articles in one language in the other, I would simply like to quickly name those recent articles on my German blog to which I have not linked here yet.

These are:

  • A poetical article about the power we have, perhaps even, essentially, are and a reminder, therefore, about the power of our thougths.
  • An article about (the search for) structures and their or its potential abuse (or perhaps even the erroneous interpretation of something as a structure interpreted in a certain sense)
  • A poem which might help those who are marginalised by the opinions expressed most loudly and prominently in the society or environment they live in.

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