I think, until having written this sentence, the blog-post was not really necessary, but now, that I say: go and meditate, it will be fine : )

Ok, here the post:

Stillness – can anything be said about it ?

Well, you have to perceive (or, rather be) it, of course. Of course, we can write about what we perceive, when we go into it, or what arises from it. Here, the books of Eckhart Tolle (if you know German, here are a few further links) can be a great help.

And coming to this, I think I should end. Of course, I could  say there was a difference between “outer” stillness in the sense of  “absence of noise” and the TRUE STILLNESS, beyond concepts, beyond thought, beyond time.

But I do not wish to create an image or impression of duality. That what is beyond, in, and around all, how would it not even be in, around, and, ultimately, beyond all that is connected to what one might call “outer stillness” ?

Let us get to THAT – then, we will know – or, maybe BE.



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