Moved to a New Web Hosting Provider

When about two months ago my hitherto web space provider (I was so lucky to have a reseller account for free) returned his server, I had to seek a new home for my websites.

After a long quest, inter alia using Hostjury and Webhostingtalk to find a good new one, I decided in favour of MadGenius [Disclosure: Affiliate-Link]. And, indeed, as I had read, they provide quite a good service, even enabled a certain option, the possibility to switch off statistics for my German websites, especially for me, and the support is friendly, polite and helpful.

So I decided to move my blog, too.

I had hosted it with Hostingsociety before, a fully functional German free space provider without advertising on one’s site, and I still do like them, but for security reasons they had disabled a certain option (fsockopen() ) I prefer using.

After my move I finally could connect to Jetpack and use a couple of other (also: plugin) functionalities I could not before.

When reestablishing my blog, I encountered a few problems the solution of which I was glad to have documented before here. In addition, I will document solutions to a few further challenges in a follow-up article here.


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