Be still, my Soul, and Wonder

Be still, my soul and wonder
only about God.
What else there is to ponder?
There is no life, but God.

There is no Love, but in the One.
There is no Peace, but that one Sun
that shines in all, in everyone
and, thus, that is eternally.


(Normally, I might not have published the poem currently, especially as I am not entijrely sure as to the ending(*). The contents is fine, but perhaps it could have come out more artfully? But I wanted the final post for this year to be a positive one, so here it is.)

(*) When around “in all”, I also wondered whether it should go on with “in everything” (“in all, in everything”?), a bit later I wondered whether, to keep the rhyme by finishing with the words “and thus is the eternal One”.

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