New Posts in my German Blog

As I said I would “interlink” my two “main” blogs, here is a short overview over the articles in my German blog written this year:

There has been one poem, which you hopefully enjoy. (Of course, I have written many more, but mostly not published at the time of writing this) – although there are a few further verses in my Twitter account in case you have access.

If you are interested in learning a foreign language, you may (or may not, depending on your opinion or perspective in the respective matter and your flexibility) find my article about whether one should use another language than the one taught in language classes interesting.

Furthermore, there are two articles relating to the legal and political situation in Germany in particularly the past two years, with which a considerable part of society might not agree, though. I have written them more to make a statement, perhaps especially for myself as I am not sure whether there are not times where one ought to say something (but, of course, True Silence and Being is always essential, so I am not sure whether I did well to publish them), I guess, and to free myself of the respective thoughts. If you should be interested in them nevertheless, just have a look in the archives for 2022 in my German blog to find them, if you feel it could be good to do so.

And now: Come well into the next year, and may it bring peace again in Europe, and Peace to the world!

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