Stream of Love

Stream of Love. 
Highest of the Morning.
Stream of Love. Thy Heart, it is true.

Stream of Love. Endless Ocean,
beyond all senses,
endless, and hue

of the sunlight. The Light of the stars
shines beyond that what seems;

shines in the ground, and shines in the heavens
shines in that what you are.
Shines – thy God,

endless, and free
eternally thee.

By the way: Here is also an poem for Easter in German, and here is another poem written a short while ago for Interplanetar. 
And now, there is also a third one inspired by the title of this one here.


On the Path of Love

On the Path of Love we go,
forward, to a World of Love.
On the Path of Love we grow,
on that Path, we live – above
and below, it is just ONE,
come my friend, and do not shun
either of the two of them.

Whereas normally the poems just “flow”, in this case, in fact, although I had the impression it was to be published here, I could  not first find the ending: I thought of the German “beiden”, which would have perfectly fit, but “both” would not have fitted in rhythmically. What then came, was “neither of these goodies”, but that is informal..

In the end, what I rarely do, I looked into a dictionary, and I think the current solution might be fine, although I would have preferred “neither” instead of either, but that seems to be grammatically incorrect.



Connecting my Blogs

As you may know, I like beautiful names and domain names. This may also be one reason for having more than one blog. Yet, for my readers, it might be inconvenient having to follow all of them – so I wondered whether to either create a new one and post in various language there (I thought of, an idea that came to me while walking through Perth (speaking of names – one beautiful aspect of Waldorf schools, at least in Australia, is that many children have got very beautiful names). However, for now, it seemed I should keep my separate blogs for English (this one) and German (over here).

To yet make it easier for the reader, I will connect both blogs by posting a link to each article I have posted in the other language, that is here a link to my German articles, and over there to my English articles published here.

I will keep my third blog and my special interest blog’s separate as well, but might also include links to these on my German and English main blogs.

This will not be the case vice versa, however, so best you follow either this blog or my German blog, then you should find all or most of my articles.

For older articles, i. e. articles before today, nevertheless, you will still have to browse through the other blogs.

This means:

Enjoy reading!

A. M.