Connecting my Blogs

As you may know, I like beautiful names and domain names. This may also be one reason for having more than one blog. Yet, for my readers, it might be inconvenient having to follow all of them – so I wondered whether to either create a new one and post in various language there (I thought of, an idea that came to me while walking through Perth (speaking of names – one beautiful aspect of Waldorf schools, at least in Australia, is that many children have got very beautiful names). However, for now, it seemed I should keep my separate blogs for English (this one) and German (over here).

A few problems one might encounter when installing, reinstalling or moving a WordPress blog with plugins

I. Preliminary Remark

There are a couple of problems one can encounter when installing, reinstalling or moving a WordPress blog. I have documented some I have met here and in a follow-up article here in German.

But as I had drafted some aspects of the second article in English, too, I will publish them here also in English. The German articles are much more extensive, though, and I suggest rather reading them.

II. Problems and Solutions

1. Strange Signs, Strange Words, Strange Numbers at the end of my URLs

1. E.g. “#.”, followed by other signs

The solution lies in disabling the track address bar shares-function of AddThis, cf. here.

Einrichtung, Optimierung und Umzug eines WordPress-Blogs

A. Preliminary Remark in English (Für Deutsch bitte nach unten scrollen!)

This article is in German, about moving from to a You might also profit from merely following the links, or using Google Language Tools.

B. Einrichtung, Optimierung und Umzug (m)eines WordPress-Blogs von zu Webspace


Vor kürzerem stellte ich fest, daß unter meinen Artikeln auf, wo ich mein Blog gehostet hatte, Werbung geschaltet wurde. Ich hatte es zuvor nicht bemerkt, vielleicht, weil das zuvor nicht der Fall war, vielleicht, weil man die Werbung im eingeloggten Zustand nicht gezeigt bekommt.