It seems that I should publish this poem:

I live by the Grace of God;
and Him alone
I do defend. 

The Silence deeply in my heart,
there is no knee I have to bend,
there are no bows which I should make,

For I am Him.
The hour late
and yet unborn my Stillness lies.

But, once there shall be Paradise,

and I shall be its highest price,
and God, and I
we see – then, thrice,
the Love through our eyes evade
to humankind.
To Love. The shade

in which it flourishes. The Sun
through which it grows.
And once it's done,
together other worlds we form
and stand, all one, beyond each form,

united, free, and ever-One
till our Sun
in us has shone

and our eyes themselves do see:
Just one in one, You, Him, and Me.

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I sing with you, I sing in all Creation: a song for the New Year

The following text came to me this morning to the melody of “O Holy Night”  (I have included a few remarks and fragments, as I did not write all verses down in their entirety, but still wanted to post as much as possible of it.):

I sing with you, I sing in all Creation.
I sing with you. I sing in all the Light.
Love is my Heart, and Love is that what shines;
within and without, I sing for you, my heart.
I sing for you, and all within.

I sing with you. My song, it never endes.
I sing with you. It shines bright and clear:
Love is the World, and Love all Man‘festation,
for Love is the Heart of all that Ever was
and Is and shall ever be.

So be the Light. And always, always, always
just be the Light, just like the Summer sun,
for all the days, for Love, it never endes;
and once there is night, the Love the Moon has shone,
Its Light and Love the Moon has shone.
Love the Moon, the Moon

[I did not write down the following verses, which just flowed when I did not have a pen at hand.]

[and then the language changed]


Vorwärts, vorwärts, vorwärts, vorwärts,
bis die Sonne scheint.

[The latter verses, when translated into English, would be:

Forward, forward, forward, forward,
till the Sun shines.]

Later, when I had listened to the song “O Holy Night”, the following verse still came:

For Love is shining, shining ever brighter,
and / as when the sun shines brighter, brighter still,
Love is the Word, the Song that always shines,
and Love is what God‘s and All-God‘s will.
What God IS just within (Him)Self.

[I wrote “All-God” although that may not be an English word, as I did not want to interrupt the flow, which had given me the German word “All-Gott”.]