A Visit to the Steve Irwin of Sea Shepherd

After having noticed at the Seminar where I am currently enrolled in a part-time course in Steiner (Waldorf-) education for the high school, that a few people were wearing shirts or caps with the Sea Shepherd Logo, it turned out that three of the four current ships of the Sea Shepherd are anchoring in Williamstown, rather close to where I live. Interestingly, it is possible to visit them (still through the entire November, on the weekends). So today, I stood on the bridge of the Steve Irwin.

It is impressive to see these ships and meet the people and get an insight into their courage – particularly a video that is being shown in the mass conveys how ruthless the Japanese whalers follow their cruel path. They rammed the Steve Irwin in such a way that the captain had to send Mayday, and it was reported that they threw an explosive onto the tank ship next to the Steve Irwin. A tank (!) ship…

While I may yet be undecided what to think about ramming those ships which breach international law, and throwing stink bombs, I wonder – without actually having looked it up, my books of International Law being all in Germany – whether it could be considered a case of necessity as excuse or justification (in German: rechtfertigender or entschuldigender Notstand), or of an application of natural law.

In any case, one has to be impressed with what the people of Sea Shepherd, most being volunteers, and even the specialists sometimes volunteering, as I have heard, do and dare.

I wish them well, and that dolphins, whales and sharks may be protected from human hunters.

When in Japan – let us all hope that the massacres at Taiji (see here for a film [I have not watched it]) shall find an end soon; the good thing is, that, when some years ago I asked some of my Japanese students what they thought about the killing of whales, they found it a bad thing, so even there, consciousness is awake, and there appear to be crew members from Japan –, I made a point of donating with my Japanese credit card… When thinking about the legal aspects, I am not clear whether I may officially recommend it, in any case, buying some food (for or from the crew), going to their shop and buy a cap or sweater, or just donating (fortunately, they are living totally vegan when on board) would certainly help those whom they have decided to protect and serve.

Please do help to protect the whales, dolphins, sharks and seals. Look around – there are ample opportunities to donate or help in various ways. And alert your politicians. They fear the voters, so if we urge them to do what is right, and to stand up to those who kill, then, too, help shall come.

Australia: Information and Links

If you are interested in Information about Australia, you might be interested in a new webpage I have created. It can serve especially those who wish to emigrate, who want to work or live in Australia or simply stay for longer, but I believe it can also be helpful to the traveller.

It is in German, but just use Google Translate, especially, as many linked websites will be in English.

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