Crystal Angel

When I saw this video, I wrote the following poem (in German, translation follows):


Engel aus Kristall,

leuchtest hell und klar und rein.

Kleiner Engel aus Kristall,

führst zur Wahrheit Du uns ein ?


Führst uns “nur” ins Liebeslicht,

doch die Liebe ist das Sein.

In dem Sein erkennst Du Dich,

ziehst zur Einheit dann Du ein.


(in English:


Angel made from purest crystal,

shining bright and clear,

little angel, made of crystal,

do you lead us truthful here ?


You are leading us to Love,

and that Love, it’s Being, still

you then realise your Self,

going to oneness yourself.)


Remark: The last word did not really “show up”, came more after thinking. The direct translation would be:


Angel made of crystal,

shining bright and clear and pure,

little angel made of crystal,

are you guiding us into Truth ?


You are “only” guiding us into Love’s Light,

but Love is Being.

In Being you realise yourself,

entering(*) unity then.


(*) moving into