Nice Jobs (III): Reisemarschall

This is a job so seldom nowadays that I had difficulties finding the English translation in the two online dictionaries I normally use for a first glance: be a Reisemarschall.

A bit of googling brought me to terms like “coordinator of the papal trips” (which would be correctly describing Mr. Gaspari’s position as “Päpstlicher Reisemarschall”, of course, but would be too specific as a general term, even if he may be the only Reisemarschall left – yet “coordinator of the [enter head of state’s title] may be an option, although not sounding as traditional as the German term “Reisemarschall”) or “Papal traveling coordinator” (the latter link showing you can even get a decoration for doing your job from the King of Spain and giving the option of “traveling coordinator” as a general job title).

Nice Jobs (I): Wizard of your Country

Possibly in a series of articles on out-of-the-box thinking, I am going to introduce a few interesting job ideas, as during the period of job hunting, I have come across a few quite interesting job descriptions. Although these positions appear to be not quite the rule, I believe just noticing them (if one cannot get them, of course…) can be of help in finding ideas about how oneself might create (or find?) a suitable position for oneself.

Here, I am introducing the first one:

Be a Wizard of your City or Country!

Have a look at the Wizard of New Zealand here: