On Right Writing

Eckhart Tolle gives some valuable advice for writers on how to tell a biographical story and still have the dimension of consciousness accessible in his first Google+ – Hangout here (in the second half of the hangout) in a reply to Wafa Lababneh.

(The hangout also contains advice on the education of young children and as to Love [also see here].)

Problems with Exposés

I just read this interview, where an author describes how, after an example of his writing, the publisher asked for an exposé. Especially when being a channel, the book is not the channel’s work – but the exposé may be. If, then, a publisher judges whether to publish the book without reading the entire book, but just the exposé, he will not really judge the right writer…

As many artists may channel to a certain extent (just a guess), but the exposé as a “condensation” of the novel may be written with their (own) “head” (mind), this might constitute a potential for misjudgement.