Experiences with the IELTS-Test and its Preparation

A. Introduction

Some time ago, I wrote about my experiences with the TOEFL. Today, I can write about my experience with the (academic) IELTS-Test, which I took about three weeks ago.

After a brief introduction, I will give some hints for preparation and point to a few aspects of the test, which should be improved. I would like to encourage everyone who had or will have to take the test to write to those responsible for this.

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Joy and Dance

In the context of reading this article and a question here, I wrote:

Dance the dance of Joy,

dance the Freedom of your Love.

Dance the dance, no fear be nigh;

dance the dance, and from above

Heaven will its blessings bring. Heaven be thy Star;

dance the dance, infinity

brings the Light – no dark

shall rise again.


In you, there is but Freedom.

In you does Love prevail.

In you is precious Freedom;

in you does Love prevail.

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On Finding and Choosing the right Autoresponder- and Newsletterservice

A. Preliminary Remarks

Recently I have been looking into autoresponder- and newsletter tools. There is a plethora of possibilities to experience and compare. I will try and give a short overview. My own research lasted for a week or so, and at some point I just more or less stopped and signed up with a service I liked. So my article is not exhausting.

Yet, maybe a brief introduction may be of service, both to me, if anyone ever asks me about it, and to my potential readers. Even if offers may change, I believe some principal considerations will still be of value even later in the future.

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A few problems one might encounter when installing, reinstalling or moving a WordPress blog with plugins

I. Preliminary Remark

There are a couple of problems one can encounter when installing, reinstalling or moving a WordPress blog. I have documented some I have met here and in a follow-up article here in German.

But as I had drafted some aspects of the second article in English, too, I will publish them here also in English. The German articles are much more extensive, though, and I suggest rather reading them.

II. Problems and Solutions

1. Strange Signs, Strange Words, Strange Numbers at the end of my URLs

1. E.g. “#.”, followed by other signs

The solution lies in disabling the track address bar shares-function of AddThis, cf. here.

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