Interesting Job: Romanticiser

Did you know the job of a romanticiser? His task, according to the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung (China, wie es tanzt und lacht, 13. März 2013, Reise, V3), to make real the wishes, needs and preferences of the guests, whether those express them or not.

You can get your personal romanticiser if you book one of the villas of the Ritz-Carlton at Yalong Bay, Hainan, China, it seems.

I have been wondering whether to make that a part of my series on nice jobs, and I guess I could, in a way, but from a spiritual perspective I am wondering whether I should. For the FAS describes the romanticizer as a “professional expert of projection” – and our aim is REALITY, is it not?

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Nice Jobs (III): Reisemarschall

This is a job so seldom nowadays that I had difficulties finding the English translation in the two online dictionaries I normally use for a first glance: be a Reisemarschall.

A bit of googling brought me to terms like “coordinator of the papal trips” (which would be correctly describing Mr. Gaspari’s position as “Päpstlicher Reisemarschall”, of course, but would be too specific as a general term, even if he may be the only Reisemarschall left – yet “coordinator of the [enter head of state’s title] may be an option, although not sounding as traditional as the German term “Reisemarschall”) or “Papal traveling coordinator” (the latter link showing you can even get a decoration for doing your job from the King of Spain and giving the option of “traveling coordinator” as a general job title).

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Experiences with the IELTS-Test and its Preparation

A. Introduction

Some time ago, I wrote about my experiences with the TOEFL. Today, I can write about my experience with the (academic) IELTS-Test, which I took about three weeks ago.

After a brief introduction, I will give some hints for preparation and point to a few aspects of the test, which should be improved. I would like to encourage everyone who had or will have to take the test to write to those responsible for this.

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Joy and Dance

In the context of reading this article and a question here, I wrote:

Dance the dance of Joy,

dance the Freedom of your Love.

Dance the dance, no fear be nigh;

dance the dance, and from above

Heaven will its blessings bring. Heaven be thy Star;

dance the dance, infinity

brings the Light – no dark

shall rise again.


In you, there is but Freedom.

In you does Love prevail.

In you is precious Freedom;

in you does Love prevail.

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