Recent Posts on my German Blog (Power, Structures, Walking Your Path)

With only a few more days of the year in which I have written this left, and in the light of the assumption that there is a possibility that I might neither post here nor on my German blog for quite a while, and as I had written a while ago that I would point out articles in one language in the other, I would simply like to quickly name those recent articles on my German blog to which I have not linked here yet.

These are:

  • A poetical article about the power we have, perhaps even, essentially, are and a reminder, therefore, about the power of our thougths.
  • An article about (the search for) structures and their or its potential abuse (or perhaps even the erroneous interpretation of something as a structure interpreted in a certain sense)
  • A poem which might help those who are marginalised by the opinions expressed most loudly and prominently in the society or environment they live in.

Hope despite all insanity

If we look through history, wondering whether the insanity of the ego1 we find expressed in wars and cruelties around the globe has receded over time, we may find that, despite all progress that has been made, it has killed more people than ever before during the 20th century, and one might not wish to say at all, that e. g. 2020 and the first part of 2021 has not been quite crazy, be it in the U.S., be it in the whole world. 

On the other hand, there has been a lasting peace within many first world countries for quite a while now, so outer conditions, in some places, despite occasional outbreaks, have improved.

And yet, the ego has lingered on, working e.g. through mental and political division, fear and even, perhaps, rules and regulations that keep the outer peace in place.

True Peace, of course, is to be found within and a precondition for acheving true and lasting outer peace on the whole, too. (See the last part of my thesis for further explanations and references.)

In looking at this, what can be our perspective? Is there a reason for hope? 

Each time brings with challenges also opportunities.

And I would like to think that the more “civilised” clothing ego and insanity wear at least in more modern countries, if regarded on the whole, has offered us a vaster opportunity to educate ourselves about methods how to look through the illusion and dissolve it. We have had wisdom and teachers in the past, too, and yet we can be (mostly2) unafraid today when discussing these topics with others or buying a spiritual book in the book store.

And because of modern technology and the interconnectedness around the globe, we have access to so many streams of wisdom. We have Eckhart who speaks with such clarity, we have easy access to such a lot of spiritual scriptures around the world, can e. g. download Max Müller’s huge edition “Sacred Books of the East” onto our hard disk or even speak to healers and spiritual teachers online… talk to each other and thus know that there are so many who aim for realisation, whether they live close to us or not.

If we look at that, we have a great opportunity for change, and if we use it successfully, it will weigh so much more than any insanity handed down into this time. Thousand years of darkness can end in an instant of sunlight.



(This article is based on and has been inspired by a question I replied to at (and by that my reply was regarded favourably upon by the one who had asked)).
(1) I am using the term here as described in Eckhart Tolle‘s work.
(2) Fear, of course, is problematic. But e.g. when looking for a job, does HR have to be able to see prominently one’s (if we have one, I do not ; ) ) Facebook profile that one is “into” chanting Mantras in orange clothes each weekend?
Well, actually I have not been sure. I propagate openly what I believe, and yet have, for a long time, taken care that the first results you will find in Google are not directly my esoteric and spiritual beliefs and activities. So unless a potential employer really starts sifting through everything and following every lead (then he will find this bog, too), what he will see at a first glance are that I am a jurist, have published my dissertation and perhaps a link to my website offering poetry. From there, yes, he will find what is important to me. But how many of potential employers will take that time? So for me, it seems (!?) to have worked so far. It may still a certain potential risk, but one, I am willing to take. I do hope, though, that understanding for spiritual matters beyond church believes has risen in society over the last decades. 
It all depends, of course, on what you want to or need to do in life. It is fine, I believe, to be careful. I would never suggest to deny your beliefs, but one does not needlessly have to tell everyone everything. I can drink beer and post it on Facebook (well, I do not), and I can drink beer without posting it. What is wiser? No need to always show what one does. In that sense: Some may still wish to check before speaking, or, of course, simply directly speak from STILLNESS or the ONE, for, then, hopefully, it will be the optimum, whatever one says. Otherwise and generally: follow your intuition?

Stream of Love

Stream of Love. 
Highest of the Morning.
Stream of Love. Thy Heart, it is true.

Stream of Love. Endless Ocean,
beyond all senses,
endless, and hue

of the sunlight. The Light of the stars
shines beyond that what seems;

shines in the ground, and shines in the heavens
shines in that what you are.
Shines – thy God,

endless, and free
eternally thee.

By the way: Here is also an poem for Easter in German, and here is another poem written a short while ago for Interplanetar. 
And now, there is also a third one inspired by the title of this one here.


Truth, Attraction and Conspiracy

I have written two new articles for my German blog.

One offers a brief overview over factors influencing the perception of truth, particularly on the basis of suggestions, energetic and psycho-energetic fields and links and Jungian archetypes and their influence on what one thinks or believes, be it consciously or subconsciously. (Interestingly, the term “Glaubenssätze”, which I have used there in German, seems to be astonishingly difficult to translate, see this discussion, if you are interested.) You can read it here, and if you do not understand German, maybe Deepl can help.

The other article has a look at the deeper meaning or function of conspiracy theories and tries to establish that, whether you may adhere to them or object to them or even just might consider them “ridiculous” – or, perhaps a bit wiser [and if you doubt that, you might definitely want to read the article], decide according to each case -, it would be unwise to ignore them. It is recommended, instead, to look for where they come from and how that can help to create a better world. You can find it here; sentences may be worded a bit complex, and I am not entirely sure whether a translation tool will always really give you the meaning (though they may, I have not checked), but you can always try.

True Solutions, Invented Problems and Language Fascism

If you are interested in how gender ideology tries to influence the German language and in my perspective on that, have a look at my respective article in German here. If you do not read German, I could imagine you might understand it with the help of e.g. The craziness continues on an even higher level here, but you will only understand the latter article if you know about German grammar.

The article also contains the explanation of why there were no new articles here for a while. In short: After the GDPR came into final effect, I was not too much looking forward to having to rewrite or ammend my privacy policy and to sort out how to make my websites and blogs compatible. In the end, with many of my sites, including this blog, I figured this out. That was last year in summer, and since then I had not been particularly inspired to write a new article.

But now, here is one :-)  

Big Webmail Service Making You Lose Part of Your Copyrights

I recently wrote an article about a paragraph in the Microsoft Services Agreement which, as it seems to me, implies your copyrights are transferred to those receiving your messages or calls, which would not only concern Hotmail / Outlook and Windows online, but also Skype, as it seems to me. You can find the article in German here.

On the Path of Love

On the Path of Love we go,
forward, to a World of Love.
On the Path of Love we grow,
on that Path, we live – above
and below, it is just ONE,
come my friend, and do not shun
either of the two of them.

Whereas normally the poems just “flow”, in this case, in fact, although I had the impression it was to be published here, I could  not first find the ending: I thought of the German “beiden”, which would have perfectly fit, but “both” would not have fitted in rhythmically. What then came, was “neither of these goodies”, but that is informal..

In the end, what I rarely do, I looked into a dictionary, and I think the current solution might be fine, although I would have preferred “neither” instead of either, but that seems to be grammatically incorrect.



Connecting my Blogs

As you may know, I like beautiful names and domain names. This may also be one reason for having more than one blog. Yet, for my readers, it might be inconvenient having to follow all of them – so I wondered whether to either create a new one and post in various language there (I thought of, an idea that came to me while walking through Perth (speaking of names – one beautiful aspect of Waldorf schools, at least in Australia, is that many children have got very beautiful names). However, for now, it seemed I should keep my separate blogs for English (this one) and German (over here).

To yet make it easier for the reader, I will connect both blogs by posting a link to each article I have posted in the other language, that is here a link to my German articles, and over there to my English articles published here.

I will keep my third blog and my special interest blog’s separate as well, but might also include links to these on my German and English main blogs.

This will not be the case vice versa, however, so best you follow either this blog or my German blog, then you should find all or most of my articles.

For older articles, i. e. articles before today, nevertheless, you will still have to browse through the other blogs.

This means:

Enjoy reading!

A. M.