Hints as to Health

A. Preliminary Remark

A while ago, I wrote this article in German. The article you are reading now is a free translation of it, which I make available here as I needed to translate it anyhow. While many of the links may lead to German websites, you may be able to understand their content by using e.g. Google Translate.

The article discusses some questions of health, for which the right diet is something to be considered.

Important Remark: I am a vegetarian and would like to ask you to definitely observe that, as far as the books and links mentioned below contain dietary information, I do not at all wish to cause any animal loose its life because of that, even if certain foods derived from animals should be discussed or propagated in these books or links. On the contrary, I would like to specifically point to the terms of use of my websites, a part of which is this disclaimer. I am definitely of the opinion that everyone should be at least a vegetarian, better still something even more advanced (for details and alternatives see here) and would like to state that I do not share any recommendations which, directly or indirectly, lead to the killing of animals or other individualised beings. If you read on, you accept full responsibility for all your deeds which follow from reading this article – in any case, you indemnify me from any karmic responsibility for that.

B. In Detail

Here you can find some hints to certain specific questions of health and diet. For a general overview over books and methods which might contribute to health, please see int. al. my (draft) comments here (healing)here (health) and here (diet), which I might still expand and update. Even more rudimentary hints in English (draft state) can be found here (health) and here (diet), but please check the German versions, too, as they may be more complete at the moment.

I. Health and Diet

When still in Germany and visiting my dentist, who has an extensive knowledge in the fields of health and healing in general, for teeth cleaning, we were also talking about the question of dementia in Germany. She mentioned there would certainly be fewer people suffering from it e.g. in Malaysia at the time of our conversation, and that her professors, even in old age, had retained military snappishness and power (she comes from another country). She related it to “Bewegung” [movement – excercise?] (or, I am not sure, did she say that in relation to cardiac health?) and diet.

Additionally she gave me the hints and named the titles (I have left the German titles, I am sure some of them will be available in English, if you cannot figure out the English titles, please feel free to ask me for help) below of which it is my impression that it might be good, to present them here to a still broader audience:

• The “GREEn Smoothies” [which one can prepare oneself and which also help against feeling tired]

Christian Guth und Burkhardt Hickisch: Grüne Smoothies. Here at amazon.de [affiliate-link].

Victoria Boutenko: Grüne Smoothies. Here at amazon.de [affiliate-link].

Victoria Boutenko: Green for Life. Here at amazon.de [Affiliate-Link] (please note that, despite the title, the link leads to the German version).

Here is also a contribution in Dreamhealer’s Blog as to the subject.

If buying smoothies in a shop, please make sure that they are at least vegetarian. At the time of writing this (October 2013), I had just noticed that e.g. the Boost-smoothies are not necessarily vegetarian. The yoghurt contains gelatine. When I enquired back why and mentioned that it ought to be easy to use cruelty free yoghurt, I did not receive a further response.

• Additionally the books named below for diet and “brain Fitness”:

Alberto Villoldo and David Perlmutter: Das erleuchtete Gehirn. Here at amazon.de [Affil.-Link].

For those who are critical as to esoterism (as the book was labelled as “esoteric” by its German publisher): The english original title is “Power up your Brain” and the Czech one is (in Czech) “Fitness for the Brain” or something similar. The authors are working strictly scientifically, therefore please do not let yourself be deterred from the term “esoteric” (which would be quite unwise anyway, because true esoterism is, of course,something positive – things that would have to be criticised would not unlikely be distortions).

Christian Opitz: Befreite Ernährung. Here at amazon.de [affiliate-link].

Bruce Fife: Stopp Alzheimer! Here at amazon.de [affiliate-link]. An additional practice book is available (I am not sure which I had been recommende, but I assume it is the one I had just mentioned first?): here at amzon.de [affil.-link].

Joachim Mutter: Lass dich nicht vergiften. Here at amazon.de [affiliate-link].

Norman Doidge: Neustart im Kopf: Wie sich unser Gehirn selbst repariert. Here at amazon.de [affiliate-link].

Burkhard Sieper / Michael Eisenmann: Fit in die Kiste. Here by amazon-Affil.-Link.

• It could also be quite recommendable to undergo a nutritonal analysis:

To visit Dr. Runow (http://www.umweltmedizin.org/, also see. http://fmed.de/) and read his books, e.g. “Nervenschutz durch Entgiftung” (affiliate-link here, also see review here), could be helpful, she reflected.

• And as to Coconut Oil:

Finally, she also pointed me to the coconut oil offered by  Dr. Goerg also see http://www.virgin-coconut-oil.de/. I am not entirely sure about the context, but it was at least also in the context of the question whether this could be better suited for the “oil pulling” (which could be done in the mornings and evenings) then the sesame oil recommended in Ayurveda. By using the oil, one can not only detox, but also remove the “bad” bacteria from inside of the mouth. It appears that this coconut oil, which is not [this is what the German text said, I hope I am got it correctly there?] the oil which is won from the green coco nuts still on the tree, from nuts “with which the monkeys play football”, so from the respective quality…

II. Diaphragm cramps – Magnesiumchlorid (also read in general, i.e. if not concerned by the problem)

We also talked about diaphragm cramps. For legal reasons, of course, we cannot give recommendations, but to consider would certainly be, whether not, after thorough examinations whether not physical causes are given (perforations, other problems) it could be sensible to write meticulously into a diary what one has eaten or drunk [I am not sure whether I added the “drunk” myself, might not be recalled correctly] before the phenomenon occurs. One could also and especially research, whether one would take magnesium chloride (maybe one would also wish to have a look if one is not affected by the phenomenon?) or, if adequate, magnesium phosphoricum (also see here) of the Schuessler salts (Schüßler Salze). Furthermore, one could certainly consider the idea to visit someone able in visceral osteopathy.

III. Further Links

http://www.garten-treffpunkt.de/ (if one would like, for example, to read about ingredients for the green smoothies)

http://www.palaeo-power.de/ I have not looked into yet, I suspect it could be found helpful, but of course, I definitely ask you not to eat or drink anything for which animals die. Please observe my disclaimer.

http://www.cognifit.com/, especially http://www.cognifit.com/de/gehirnplastizität (in this context, I also had to think of kinesiology, especially BrainGym (as my respective specific English page is not yet ready, you could look for a few kinesiology related books also here, for now).

As an authority of dental medicine, by the way, my dentist often referred to Prof. Dr. Einwag.

Remark: I might or might not update this article. The current version is version 1.1 (English; April 2014), corresponding to the German version 1.3.